Best Cities To Visit In France


Experience the Best of French Culture and Cuisine: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting France’s Top Cities

France is an incredible destination for the discerning traveler looking to explore the world. From its bustling cities and delectable cuisine, to its stunning countryside and rich history, it’s no surprise that France has been one of the most visited countries in the world over the last decade.

So if you’re planning on visiting this beautiful country soon, where should you go? To make your journey easier, here are some of the best cities to visit in France. Boasting unique culture and exquisite sites, these destinations will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re hoping to explore breathtaking architecture or sample delicious French fare, there’s something for everyone. From romantic Paris and lively Marseille, to charming Bordeaux and colorful Nice, discover why these cities are must-sees on any trip through France. Read on to learn more about what makes them so special – let the adventure begin!

1. Paris

Paris, the picturesque powerhouse of France – a place to explore its culture and cuisine. In this captivating city lies an array of attractions that will have you entranced. From iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the site of Notre Dame; to parks including Jardin des Tuileries and Luxembourg garden; Paris has something for everyone.

The City of Light is renowned for its culinary delights from Michelin-starred restaurants to lively cafes offering classic French dishes – it’s no wonder why food lovers flock here in their droves! Shopping enthusiasts are also well catered for with designer boutiques along Avenue Montaigne or chic vintage finds on Rue de Charonne.

No trip to Paris would be complete without witnessing one of the many world-renowned events taking place all year round such as Bastille Day celebrations or the International Fireworks Festival. Or simply take a stroll down Champs-Elysees at sunset before heading off to Nice…

2. Nice

Nice, the second-largest city in France, is a must-see destination for any traveler. With its Mediterranean climate and beautiful waterfront views, it’s no wonder that Nice has been drawing visitors to its shores since the mid 19th century.

As you explore this historic city, there are so many amazing things to do and see. From exploring the old town of Vieux Nice to admiring the art deco buildings along Promenade des Anglais, here are some highlights:

• Visiting Museums & Galleries: Stroll through museums such as Musée Matisse or explore galleries like Galerie du Château where works from Monet and other Impressionist artists can be found.
• Enjoying Outdoor Activities: Take part in water sports on the beach or head up into the hills for activities like rock climbing and paragliding.
• Trying Local Cuisine: Sample traditional Niçoise cuisine such as socca (chickpea flour pancakes) or pissaladière (onion tart). Or simply enjoy dining al fresco at one of Nice’s charming cafes by the sea!

No matter what your interests may be, you’ll find something captivating about Nice. Its combination of culture, history and natural beauty makes it an ideal place to spend time during your visit to France.
Next up – we’re heading westward to Bordeaux…

3. Bordeaux

Ah, Bordeaux – the home of some truly wonderful sights. From its beautiful riverfront promenade to its ancient stone walls, this city has something for everyone who visits it. Everywhere you look there’s a story waiting to be told and an experience waiting to be had.

Take a walk down by the Garonne River and witness first-hand one of France’s most vibrant cities in action. Here, French culture comes alive with locals enjoying their morning coffee at cafes or conducting lively conversations as they stroll along the banks of the river. It is also possible to take a cruise on the Garonne so that visitors can see all parts of the city from a different perspective.

Beyond sightseeing, Bordeaux offers plenty of activities to get stuck into during your stay – such as visiting museums, galleries and historical monuments; shopping in markets full of local produce; exploring nearby vineyards; or just taking time out in one of the many parks scattered around town. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Bordeaux will have something special to offer you.

Onward now then to Marseille – another exciting destination awaiting exploration!

4. Marseille

Next on the list of best cities to visit in France is Marseille! This city has plenty to offer a visitor, from its beautiful coastline and rich cultural history to its vibrant nightlife.

As you explore Marseille, you’ll want to check out some classic French attractions like Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica and Château d’If fortress. You can also experience traditional Provençal cuisine at one of the many restaurants nestled within Old Port or take a stroll along La Corniche promenade for stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

And if it’s entertainment you’re after, there are plenty of exciting options available as well! From lively music venues such as Les Docks Atypiques nightclub to interactive art exhibitions held at Le Mucem museum, Marseille won’t leave you wanting when it comes to fun activities. Onward now to our next destination – Lyon!

5. Lyon

Tucked away in the south-east corner of France, Lyon is a city you simply cannot miss. It’s an architectural wonderland, with its winding cobbled streets and ancient riverside buildings making it feel like something out of a movie. As you stroll through this delightful destination, you can almost hear stories from centuries ago whispering to you from every corner!

Home to both grand cathedrals and modern architecture alike, there’s something here for everyone. The spectacular Place des Terreaux square lies at the heart of the old town and makes for a truly impressive sight – flanked by striking fountains which have been providing locals with water since Roman times! For those looking for some culture, head to one of the many museums or galleries scattered around the area – whether your interests lie in fine art or science; there’s always something new to explore.

Lyon is also renowned as being one of France’s top culinary destinations. From Michelin starred restaurants boasting local delicacies such as quenelle de brochet (pike dumplings) to informal bistros serving traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients; dining out here is sure to be an unforgettable experience! With so much on offer, it comes as no surprise that Lyon has become one of France’s most popular tourist destinations.

As we prepare ourselves for our next stop in Strasbourg…

6. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is like a glittering jewel in the crown of France. Situated on the border with Germany, it’s no surprise that this city has been heavily influenced by two cultures – both French and Germanic. From its fascinating history to its unique architecture, Strasbourg is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone traveling around France.

The old town, or ‘Grande Île’, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 due to its outstanding beauty and historical significance. Home to some incredible Gothic churches such as St Peter’s Cathedral and Notre Dame de Strasbourg, visitors can explore these stunning buildings up close. The Petite France district also offers great views of the river Ill from the many bridges crossing it – perfect for capturing a few memorable snapshots!

For those looking for something more modern, there are plenty of options too – including trendy bars, chic restaurants and lively nightclubs scattered throughout the city center. Whether you’re after shopping opportunities or cultural experiences, Strasbourg has something for everyone – making it one of the top cities to visit in France.
Montpellier awaits your exploration next…

7. Montpellier

Moving on to city number 7, we have Montpellier. This Mediterranean beauty is a great choice for travellers looking to soak up the French culture and enjoy some of the country’s best food. It has all the charms you’d expect from a classic French town, with cobbled streets lined with old-style buildings that draw in visitors year after year.

The city also offers plenty of activities for those who want to get out and explore. Take a stroll along La Rambla and admire its stunning architecture or wander through Place de la Comédie, one of France’s most famous squares – it really is quite something! And don’t forget about the cathedral either; perched high above the skyline, this impressive building will take your breath away.

Those seeking an escape can find solace in Jardin des Plantes, where they’ll be able to relax among lush greenery while enjoying views across Montpellier’s rooftops. Whatever brings you here, there’s no doubt Montpellier is sure to make your trip unforgettable. From its unique atmosphere to its delicious cuisine, this magical destination will leave you wanting more…and ready for Avignon!

8. Avignon

Avignon is one of the most remarkable cities in France. It’s a city that offers its visitors an opportunity to experience history, culture and beauty all at once. This ancient walled city has been inhabited since the Neolithic times and was even home to nine popes for a period of time – so there’s plenty of interesting sights to explore!

The capital of Vaucluse department, Avignon is filled with stunning architecture from different eras. In particular, you’ll want to take some time out to visit Palais des Papes (the Palace of the Popes) which dates back to the 14th century. There are also many other attractions such as the Pont Saint-Bénezet bridge, Rocher des Doms gardens and Calvet Museum.

On top of this, if you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife then Avignon won’t disappoint either; it boasts numerous bars and clubs that offer something unique every evening. With almost everything right on your doorstep there’s no doubt that visiting Avignon will be an unforgettable adventure – no matter how long or short your stay may be! From exploring its historical monuments to soaking up its lively atmosphere, you’ll never forget what this picturesque French town has to offer.

And next we come onto Lille – another great destination in France…

9. Lille

Ah, Lille… The city of champions and quaint cobblestone streets. With its thriving cultural life and unique history, it’s no wonder why this French gem has become a popular destination for travelers in recent years.

Founded by the Flemish people in the 10th century, Lille is one of the oldest cities in France. It was once part of both Belgium and Germany, but today it remains proudly French. This long-standing relationship between countries can be seen throughout the architecture – from towering cathedrals to traditional pubs – making it an incredibly interesting place to explore.

But what makes Lille so charming? Well, it could be the abundance of activities available for visitors such as shopping at Les Halles de la Madeleine or exploring Place Rihour Square – which are just two examples of many things to do here! Of course, you also have some excellent restaurants serving up hearty dishes like carbonnade flamande (traditional beef stew). And if that wasn’t enough to make your visit worthwhile, there’s also plenty of nightlife on offer too.

No matter what brings you to Lille, you’re sure to find something special about this beautiful city. Onwards we go now without further ado: next stop Reims!

10. Reims

From the rolling hills of Champagne in the north to the hustle and bustle of Paris, France is an absolute dream destination. And if you’re looking for a place that will take your breath away with its stunning beauty, then Reims is it! This ancient city is practically dripping in history, making it an utterly enchanting spot to visit.

Picture if you will: grand cathedrals surrounded by beautiful parks; cobbled streets lined with charming cafes that serve up delectable delights; delightful architecture from centuries past…Reims has it all and more! It’s no wonder this beloved French city continues to attract so many visitors year after year.

But there’s one thing that truly sets Reims apart – its world-famous wineries! From sampling bubbly champagne at some of the best vineyards around, to taking part in educational tours at historic cellars and even indulging in delicious wine tastings – a trip here would be incomplete without immersing yourself in this special culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit France?

If you’re a fan of France, deciding when to visit can be tricky. After all, the country has something to offer throughout the year – so what is the best time? Well, I think that depends on your own interests and preferences!

Let’s start in wintertime: December through February sees many parts of France transformed into a magical wonderland as snow falls over cities like Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg. The festive atmosphere is undeniable while markets open up their doors selling traditional French goods. Of course, skiing is always an option if you want to make use of this snowy season.

On the other hand, summertime is perfect for exploring some of France’s stunning beaches along its coastline or taking part in one of its famous wine festivals. And with temperatures usually ranging between 15-25°C it’s not too hot either. For those after something special though, May/June are great times to visit as blooming flowers bring colour to every corner and towns host huge music events celebrating local culture.

No matter which month you choose though, there will certainly be plenty to explore in France – from ancient monuments and beautiful scenery to delicious gastronomy and vibrant nightlife scenes! So why not pick a date and plan your trip today?

What Is The Best Way To Get Around France?

Traveling around France can be an exhilarating experience, but it requires careful planning. From the bustling cities of Paris and Marseille to the picturesque vineyards in Bordeaux, there are so many incredible places to explore that you’ll want to make sure you get to them all! So what is the best way to get around? Let’s take a look at some great options for getting around France with ease and comfort.

The first option is taking advantage of France’s extensive public transportation networks. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed train or a local bus, there will always be something available to help you reach your destination. Here’s why this might be the most efficient way to travel:
• It covers nearly every corner of the country
• Fares are often inexpensive compared with other forms of transport
• Services run frequently throughout the day
• Trains offer comfortable accommodations
• Travelers can use their smartphone apps for easy ticketing

For those who prefer road trips, renting a car has its own benefits. Cruising down the winding roads along scenic coastlines or through rolling countryside can create unforgettable moments – not least because everyone from small family cars to luxury vehicles are available for rent across France. And here’s why driving may be preferable over public transport:
• You have total freedom when deciding where and when you go
• Cars come with plenty of space for luggage and shopping bags
• Roads are generally well maintained by French authorities
• Rentals cost relatively little depending on your chosen vehicle
• Gas prices in France remain low despite fluctuating markets worldwide

It doesn’t matter if you decide on public transport or private hire; both choices allow travelers ample opportunities to explore and discover hidden gems during their time in France. With great connections between major cities, breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine and charming townships, it surely won’t be long before visitors find themselves immersed in la belle vie française (the beautiful French life).

How Much Does A Typical Meal Cost In France?

France is known for its delicious food, and there’s no better way to experience it than by visiting a restaurant. But how much does an average meal cost? It may surprise you to hear that the average cost of a three-course meal in France ranges from €12–€32 ($13–$35).1 This means that travelers can sample French cuisine without breaking their budget!

When deciding where to eat, tourists should consider the type of establishment they are dining at (i.e., fast food vs. upscale restaurant), as well as what kind of dish they would like to enjoy (i.e., seafood, steak, etc.). Generally speaking, here are some approximate prices one can expect when eating out in France:2
• Fast Food Meal – €10-15 ($11-17)
• Upscale Restaurant – €20-30 ($22-33)
• Three Course Meal – €25-35($27-38)

Visiting restaurants is a great way to discover local flavors and get an authentic taste of French culture—not just gastronomically but also culturally. The friendly atmosphere makes it easy to strike up conversations with locals and learn more about their customs and traditions while enjoying a delightful meal. And best of all, these experiences don’t have to break your wallet. Bon Appétit!

Are There Any Attractions That Are Particularly Family-Friendly?

Ah, France: the home of romantic getaways, delicious food and roaring laughter. Who could forget its iconic attractions that have been around for centuries – but what about those looking to make a special family trip? Are there any attractions that are particularly family-friendly? Absolutely! Here’s a list of top five places in France you won’t want to miss out on…

  1. Disneyland Paris – It’s hard to beat an unforgettable day at the “Happiest Place On Earth”. With rides, shows and themed lands, it’s perfect for all ages.
  2. The Palace of Versailles – A royal treat awaits your family with this beautiful palace located just outside Paris. Take a guided tour or explore the grounds yourself and learn something new about French history along the way!
  3. Aquarium de la Porte Dorée – Home to over 500 species from all over the world, take a dive into this fascinating aquarium and spend some time learning about marine life together as a family.
  4. Parc Asterix – This theme park offers loads of thrill rides and activities that will keep everyone entertained throughout the day (and if you happen to be visiting during Halloween or Christmas season there’ll be extra festive fun!).
  5. La Grande Roue de Paris – Make sure you don’t miss out on one of Paris’ most iconic sights; hop onto this giant ferris wheel for panoramic views of the city like never before!

So while we yearn for days gone by and enjoy them vicariously through our travels, why not create some memorable moments with your loved ones too? Whether it is riding roller coasters at Parc Asterix or seeing showstopping views from La Grande Roue de Paris, let us seize these opportunities to capture precious memories with our families in France today!

Are There Any Festivals Or Events Worth Attending While In France?

France is an incredible destination for a vacation, with so many sights to see and experiences to enjoy. From the cosmopolitan cities of Paris and Marseille to the beautiful landscapes of Provence and Brittany, there’s something for everyone. One thing that makes France stand out from other tourist destinations is its wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience or just want some entertainment, these festivities provide visitors with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in French culture while having fun.

If you’re planning a trip to France during one of its numerous holidays or special occasions, there are plenty of lively celebrations taking place all over the country. For example, Bastille Day on July 14th celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 which led to the beginning of the French Revolution – this national holiday includes fireworks displays, parades, concerts, and more! The popular Fête de la Musique takes place every June 21st – it’s an annual music festival where both amateur and professional musicians perform across different genres such as jazz, pop rock, hip hop, classical music, etc., providing a great atmosphere for anyone who enjoys live music.

In addition to these larger-scale events that take place nationwide each year, travelers can also find smaller local festivals happening around them – from carnivals dedicated solely to chocolate or wine tasting sessions at vineyards in Bordeaux region; food truck fairs in Aix-en-Provence; firework competitions along the beaches in Nice; comedy shows in Montpellier…you name it! So if you’re visiting France anytime soon, be sure to check what kind of festivities might be going on near you – it could make your stay even more memorable!


When it comes to planning a trip to France, there are so many wonderful cities and experiences awaiting you. Whether you’re looking for culture, food, art or adventure, the country is full of exciting possibilities! I’ve been lucky enough to have visited several French cities over the years, and each one has something special to offer.

My favorite city in France is Paris – there’s just something magical about the City of Lights that makes me feel alive. From exploring its winding streets filled with incredible architecture, to taking in some of the world-famous landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower – each moment feels like a captivating story unfolding before your eyes. Paris also offers an amazing array of culinary delights from exquisite fine dining restaurants to cozy bistros serving classic dishes – all at surprisingly reasonable prices.

No matter what part of France you decide to visit, you’ll be sure to create unforgettable memories that will stay with you long after your journey ends. Every time I come home from my travels abroad I’m reminded how fortunate we are to experience such unique places around the globe. So don’t wait any longer – start planning your next big adventure today!

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